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Let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Jones. I grew up in Oklahoma, moved to California for my PhD in Victorian literature, and moved to England when I got married. I live with my husband, who is a senior lecturer in Victorian literature and our cat, Maggie. Maggie is 17-years old and does what she wants, when she wants. When I record videos, if you think you hear a cat yowling in the background, you do; she's fine, but very vocal.


Why am I qualified to help you become a better and happier writer?

As a PhD student (at UC Davis), I was trained in teaching composition and rhetoric. That training taught me a lot about how to manage a classroom, what to present, and how to present it. But it didn’t cover how to help students overcome the blocks that were getting in the way of their writing.

While writing my thesis, I noticed my fellow PhD students and I were experiencing the same blocks or anxieties as my composition students. But for us, they were bigger and seemed scarier because the thesis felt so much more important than a short undergraduate essay. In looking for ways to alleviate this pressure I hit on the practice of using writing groups and was awarded a Professors for the Future Fellowship to teach PhD students and post-docs how to run functional and supportive writing groups.

Since finishing my PhD I’ve discovered that the anxiety isn't peculiar to academics; all writers face these problems. To make matters worse for busy entrepreneurs, trying to find time to read and discuss one another’s work adds almost as much stress as it relieves.

A couple of years ago, I thought there has to be a better way and set about trying to find it. Throughout my PhD I had taken freelance editing and proofreading work, so I decided to do that full time.

While my editorial services do help relieve my clients’ stress just prior to publishing their work, it does nothing to address the problems they face while writing. To this end, I started my blog, developed this library, created writing courses, and started offering my services as a writing coach.

As a coach, I help clients identify and overcome the issues that are holding them back. We work together to find a writing practice or routine that works for them. We also work on setting reasonable, achievable goals and remember to celebrate each achievement (no matter the size).

Track Your Writing Habit

You'll be a happier and more productive writer, if you get in the habit of writing almost every day. Complete this module to find out why.

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